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What should I expect during my rehabilitation?

At Rebuild physiotherapy, your physiotherapist will assess your function post operatively.  This will involve measuring your mobility, strength, pain, and ask about activities you are struggling with at home and at work.  Your physiotherapist will work with you to set goals so your rehabilitation can be tailored for the activities that you would like to return to.  Measurable milestones will also be set to ensure that your rehab is on track.  Manual therapy and exercise will be help you move and feel better to get you back to the activities you love doing.

Will my physiotherapist work with my surgeon?

Yes, your physiotherapist will follow the post-operative rehabilitation guidelines offered by your surgeon and can customize your treatment to reach your goals.  If a rehab protocol is not provided by your surgeon, your physiotherapist will design you a rehab plan based on current evidence and best practice guidelines.  Whether your surgeon is in Toronto or the surrounding areas, your physiotherapist can communicate with your surgical team to ensure a seamless continuity of care.

What is pre-habilitation?

Pre-habilitation involves physiotherapy to improve mobility and strength before surgery.  Evidence has shown that pre-hab can help speed up recovery after your operation and improve your surgical outcome.  Your physiotherapist will work with you to improve your function before surgery as well as explain your rehab plan post-operatively.

When will I be able to return to working out or sport?

Your physiotherapist will help you decide when it is safe to return back to sport and working out.  This will depend on evidence based healing guidelines and the milestones your have reached in your rehab.  The post-operative rehabilitation process will involve retraining sport specific movement patterns to get you back to your pre-injury status.  Your physiotherapist will collaborate with you to design workouts or practice specific skills in your sport to keep you active. 

What types of surgeries require post-operatively physiotherapy?

  • ACL reconstruction

  • Knee meniscectomy

  • Knee arthroscopic surgery

  • Shoulder rotator cuff repair

  • Shoulder or hip labrum tear repair

  • Shoulder stabilization

  • Carpel tunnel release

  • Fractures (shoulder, wrist, hip, ankle)

  • Total knee replacement

  • Total hip replacement

  • Spinal discectomy

  • Spinal fusion/stabilization

For Post-operative Physiotherapy, book an appointment at Rebuild Physiotherapy in Toronto today!

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