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Rebuild Physiotherapy approach to sport injuries

Toronto is an active city with cutting edge gyms and sport leagues.  Wether you are a cross fitter or softball player injuries can happen.  Rebuild's sport physiotherapy approach is based in science and research.  Using a combination of manual therapy, active release, acupuncture, and exercise conditioning we aim to get you back in your sport as quickly and safely as possible.

Manual therapy

Sprains and strains in sports usually results in tissue damage, resulting in pain and limitation of range of motion.  Manual therapy means "hands-on" treatment of your injury. 


Soft tissue treatments such as massage and trigger point release will loosen tension in your muscle and break down scar tissue.  Joint mobilization and manipulation will restore mobility in your joints.  Restoring proper biomechanics in the tissue will improve your range of motion and reduce pain.  

Physiotherapist is stretching his patient's hip.

Active release technique

Active release is used to treat specific muscles, ligaments, fascia, and nerves.  There are over 500 customize protocols to treat individual muscles.  Active release is the gold standard in soft tissue treatment and often used in treatment of injuries in professional sport teams.  Releasing tension in soft tissue helps reduce pain and allow your body to move through its full range.

Active release technique involves applying manual tension along the scar tissue then moving the tissue from a shortened position to a fully lengthened position to break down the area of adhesion.  The purpose of active release therapy is to:

  • Restore joint range of motion and relieve pain

  • Release entrapped nerves, blood vessels, and veins

  • Restore optimal soft tissue texture, resilience, and function

Rehabilitative conditioning

Exercise helps restore proper movement patterns needed to get you back to your sport.  At Rebuild physiotherapy, we strive to help you improve your technique by ensuring proper recruitment of your whole body.  By studying your movement patterns and biomechanics we will find the root cause of your injury.  

We will evaluate the strength of key muscles related to your sport to ensure they are performing optimally.  It is also important to evaluate your mobility.  A lack of mobility in one area of your body can lead to hyper mobility of another region.  A mobility program will be design for your sport specific needs.  Overall, correcting your muscle imbalances will allow you to move more efficiently, elevating performance, and prevent re-injury.  

Physiotherapist is testing his patient's shoulder strength

Medical acupuncture

Medical acupuncture involves the insertion of needles into your body to promote healing and improve function.  The needles are inserted into nerve receptors in the muscle, which sends signals into the nervous system to release hormones producing this therapeutic effect.  For sport injuries, acupuncture will improve:

  • Blood flow to promote healing

  • Increase muscle strength to restore function

  • Release endorphins to decrease pain  

The effects of acupuncture are quick and long lasting.  Acupuncture will stimulate a release of hormones by the body thereby promoting the body’s own natural healing abilities.  The effect’s of acupuncture has been well researched and proven to be effective.



For Sport Physiotherapy, book an appointment at Rebuild Physiotherapy in Toronto today!

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