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Who will benefit from a virtual physiotherapy appointment?


If you have a new or old injury or need advice on how to set up your home office a virtual appointment can be a good fit for you.  Your physiotherapist will provide you with a clear diagnosis and a plan on how to treat your injury from the comfort of your home.


What is a virtual physiotherapy appointment like?


You may book your tele-rehabilitation appointment online.  One hour before your appointment you will receive an email with a link to the virtual appointment.  At the time of your session connect by using a laptop, desktop, or mobile device with a camera.  Simply click on the link and you will be connected with your physiotherapist and your appointment will begin.


During your session your physiotherapist will:

  • take a detailed injury history.

  • assess your movement and range of motion.

  • evaluate strength.

  • provide a diagnosis, set goals, and outline a clear rehabilitation plan.

  • teach self muscle release techniques.

  • prescribe exercises and stretches.

What do I need during a virtual physiotherapy appointment?


You will be able to assess our virtual appointment platform through a laptop or desktop with Mac or Windows operating system.  It is also compatible with Android mobile devices.  For iPhone or iPads users, please download the "Jane online appointment" app from the Apple store.


Please set up your tele-rehabilitation consultation in a room where you have enough space to perform exercises.  If you have exercise equipment such as weights, resistance bands, exercise ball, release ball, or foam roller have them ready.



Are virtual physiotherapy appointments covered by insurance?


Yes, most major insurance companies are covering virtual physiotherapy appointments.  Some of these companies include: Sunlife, Manulife, Greenshield, Blue Cross, Johnson Group inc.


If you need more details regarding if your insurance covers online physiotherapy appointments call us at (416) 888-1487 or call your insurance company directly.

Why should I book an online physiotherapy appointment?


An online physiotherapy appointment will connect you with a physiotherapist who can provide you with a clear diagnosis of your issue.  We are unsure how long this period of self isolation will last, but we do know that having early treatment will get your better faster.  Waiting for an in-clinic appointment can lead to worsening of your symptoms, increased pain, and compensatory movement patterns.  A consultation with a physiotherapist will provide you a personalized program with postural correction, mobility exercises, and home workout routine which is very effective at treating either new or old injuries.  

For Virtual Physiotherapy, book an appointment at Rebuild Physiotherapy in Toronto!

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